Talents Alley

The Talents alley is a place in Aniventure Comic con where artists can present his work and the visitors can meet the authors. If you love to create art and want to participate, here is what you need to know:

An important condition is that you must display only original artworks (objects of mass production from ebay, amazon, or other similar site are not allowed), which have some connection with movies, comics, anime, manga or Asia in general.

Participants will have to pay a fee and will receive one two-day general entry ticket. Still, as there more requests than spots available - there will be an additional selection of who will be qualified to participate.

Anyone who wants to take part in the Talents Alley can do so once we open up registration. Up to 7 days after the deadline the participants will be contacted to be informed if they are accepted or not.

Qualified participant receive a stand for the two days of the festival. Aniventure Comic Con is not responsible for the arrangement of the artworks on stands in the Talents Alley and can’t be held responsible for lost or stolen items or products. All participants have to attend to their stand themselves.