Aniventure Comic Con gives you the chance to buy the best from the world of manga, anime, games, movies, comic books, figurines and more! This is the place for original merchandise from the country and our exclusive partners from abroad. 

Looking figurine of your favorite character? An accessory from your favorite anime? Want to get t-shirts, bags, hats, mugs? This is the place for you! At the stands in the merchandise area you will find the Talent Alley  with handmade souvenirs, artists who draw on site and display their art, board games and of course - original merchandise from anime and manga! 

The Talents Alley is an exciting place full of artistry! 34 Bulgarian and foreign authors will show their original and fanart works during the festival, which include the most diverse techniques, materials and craftsmanship. Jewelry, clothing, pyrograph pictures, clay products, drawings and much more will await.

3D Artisans is a small team of enthusiasts ready to turn your ideas into reality. They will show you figurines, dioramas, models, cosplay props and many more works on all kinds of themes (anime, manga, series, movies, games, etc.). All products are hand-dyed with maximum attention to the smallest details.

will offer a huge variety of handmade fan art amigurumi of characters from popular anime, manga, video games and more, as well as a variety of themed keychains and accessories.

ANGEO . ART - Anna-Maria is a Bulgarian illustrator working mainly in the USA and Europe. She specializes in creating characters heavily inspired by the world of fantasy and fairy tales. The personal projects she will present are a range of high quality prints, art books, playing cards with original illustrations and much more.

Anime Mag  the large online store will present itself with a variety of themed anime and manga items - figurines, medallions, posters and mock-ups.

Anyvann  is a 3D artist who creates amazing mugs with polymer clay characters inspired by anime, manga and video games. Each glass is unique and every detail exudes the artist's love and passion for his work. And this year, Anyvann has prepared a wide range of mugs, stickers, badges and key chains for you to choose from.

Artline  Studios was established in 2005. It specializes in the publication of literature in the field of sci-fi, fantasy and young adult. Part of our catalog includes books by Brandon Sanderson, Ken Follett, Neil Gaiman, Patrick Ness, Derek Landy, and more.

Bookoholic  is the largest site for buying and ordering literature in foreign languages. At the event, you will be delighted by many manga, comics and amazing artbooks from games and anime.

Clementine Draws - Clementine is an illustrator who creates works full of coziness. You'll also see lots of characters, raccoons and cats on stickers and key chains, and other accessories. With the designs, we also carry over to fashion, through hand-screen printed t-shirts and sweaters with original illustrations.  will delight all visitors of the event with endless sweetness from Asia. Treats, drinks, sweets and snacks - their stand will have something for all senses.

GeekCorner  comes from Hungary to captivate us with a mystery! They will be selling the popular Mystery Box with secret content related to anime, manga, movies, series and comics!

GloryArt - Glory or GloryArt is a Bulgarian illustrator who draws characters and scenes from books and animations. She applies her drawings to prints, stickers, badges and key chains. Among Glory's drawings you will find bright colors, imagination, fantasy worlds and stories.

Hobby Games  will have a unique dose of Anime, Game and K-Pop goods! In addition to the super cool: Figures, Medallions, Keychains, Plushies and tons more, you'll also find products of some of the biggest card games.

Komikslandia  is another foreign stand - this time from Poland! Tons of stickers, posters, t-shirts and more anime, k-pop and other merchandise awaits!


Мanga Аcademy  will also have its stand. You will be able to buy the merch of Bulgarian manga artists - various paintings, comics and prints! Make sure to stop by!

Miohi  is another stand from Poland! They will offer us interesting and unique tasty treats from Asia! Mochi, ramen, poke and many more surprises.


NAKAMA will delight all visitors with unique handmade Japanese accessories. Be sure to find out what kanzashi, omamori, maneki neko and more are, and transform yourself into a Japanese geisha with beautiful jewelry.

На тъмно  the beloved underground store is now known not only for nice sneakers and T-shirts, but also for interesting anime and K-Pop trinkets - key chains, plushies and other interesting goods. This year they have prepared an interesting stand where you will be able to find all kinds of interesting goods!

Pinku Tako - artists from Poland who will captivate you with thousands of anime, manga, kpop and gaming products!

Pixel Art. Space  this year you will be able to buy a wide variety of Hama beads and their range of colors and cuts specially prepared for this stand. There you will be able to find your favorite ready-made models, trinkets, key chains and charms, as well as large and interesting thematic paintings!

PixelPixies hails from Romania and will offer a large selection of themed items from Harry Potter series wands to the latest anime masks and jewelry from popular anime. Posters, mugs, t-shirts and many more accessories are waiting for you at their stand!


Punto art  Everyone who came to our previous events couldn't have missed them. At their booth you will be able to find a wide variety of original Steampunk jewelry, and now also other interesting accessories such as laser engraved bracelets and medallions, weapons from popular games, etc.

Rebel Designs  A design studio making a range of products inspired by Japanese anime and pop culture. The highlights of the studio's work is mixing traditional and modern artistic medium, in order to achieve a unique character for each design.

RosalynnArt is a digital artist whose illustrations are inspired by books in the genres of fantasy, romance, teen, as well as film and television. At her booth you'll find lots of small and large prints, stickers, bookends and other merch featuring her work, as well as officially licensed works from the world of fantasy author Sarah J Maas.

Tomodachi Yet another year we are expecting guests from the sea, the colorful and cheerful stand of Anime Store TomodachiBG. Loads of surprises await - cuddle pillows, hundreds of figurines, loads of posters, stickers, badges, teddies and more!

Toshi The Cat the cutest booth! Meet Toshi, his adventures and cool items from jewelry to mugs and more.

VELM is another stand from Poland! They will introduce you to their unique Mystery bags!