The AMV contest is deep within the roots of Aniventure. It has been a part of the convention from the very beginning and has always had a big international presence. Partipating are some of the most exciting clips in the world, created by fans from Bulgaria and abroad which are separated in categories like action, drama, comedy and others. During the convention only the best clips are screened. The AMV show is one of the most interesting events on the first day of the festival.

Behind the unfamiliar letters AMV actually stand the words Anime Music Videos. These are clips created by talented anime fans that are proficient in the art of video editing to unforeseen heights. In them footages from one or multiple animes are assembled like a musical clip along with a song. In recent years we’ve observed a tendency for higher quality, long and captivating clips, which capture your attention.

If you are interested in participating you can find information on how to here.