Yunicon TOC

In the past years there have been many Cosplay Competitions, that have mostly or at least partially focussed on both crafting and performance. While these events are great, there is always a focus on performance, which hinders the crafting aspect due to the several factors. Inherently, the seperate skillsets and categories can never be truely rated equal, as movement and performance hinder some types of costumes more than others.

YuniCon Tournament of Champions is a special international competition with a goal to focus on the crafting skills of participants only, with a dedicated separation into five categories - Needlework, Armory, Wig&Makeup, Craftsmanship, Propmaking.

YuniCon will be held on October 31 to November 3rd. It will be held in Austria, Vienna, Multiversum Schwechat.

Rules for participation:

- Participants must be with Bulgarian citizenship
- Participants must be at least 18 years old by the time of the event
- Only hand made costumes are allowed
- Costumes, that have already won in other contests are excluded from participation
- The qualifier takes place as part of Aniventure Comic Con's regular cosplay show. There is no separate show/competition just for the qualifier.
- A portfolio should be provided in pdf format (max 10 mb) which should contain:
• 1-5 detailed reference images
• min.10 max.15 WIPs (work in progress pictures, pictures of your work)
• a list of used materials
• an approximate amount of work time
• (short) description of your work steps as well as your material choices.
• picture of your (mostly) completed cosplay.
• the portfolio can not be more than 30 pages

Important: It is possible to create a new cosplay for the final event. It is the contestants choice to do so. If they choose to create a new cosplay, the portfolio has to be created for this new cosplay.

And here is what the award includes:

- Flight ticket to Vienna and back
- Stay at hotel with included breakfast
- Organized dinner to meet and mingle with all cosplay participants
- Participation in the Tournament of Champions cosplay competition with a prize pool of 5000 euro, split between all category winners and best in show. Additionally, it is possible more prizes could be added that fit the categories, so the prize pool can be increased.

Registration for the "YuniCon Tournament of Champions" is done by filling out the registration form for the Aniventure Comic Con 2024 cosplay show There is an additional question where applicants can specify whether they wish to compete for the prize.