Star Wars Cosplay

Aniventure Comic Con
Star Wars Cosplay Contest 2019 Rules

1. To be considered for the Sunday Awards Ceremony, all contestants must wear valid Star Wars costumes and sign up with our jury members, within scheduled sign-up hours.

2. Costumes entered in the 2018 Star Wars Cosplay Contest will NOT be accepted, UNLESS the costumes have been improved/modified since the last entry. Evidence in the form of work in progress photo/video must be provided to the jury members, to support your progress.

3. Contestants will only be able to register ONE costume each.

4. Purchased costumes are allowed in the Contest, however, they will not receive any score/points for craftsmanship, and, as such, may end up ranking lower than less accurate, self-built costumes.
Contestants must specify, during their jury presentation, if their costumes or parts of their costumes were bought, or risk significant point penalty.

5. Contestants sign-up by presenting themselves in costume, at the 501st booth, during the designated registration hours, and speaking to one of our Contest Jury members.

6. Our Contest Jury members will be:
• Dyana Smyte Cosplay (as Vice-Admiral Holdo, or Jedi Padawan Barriss Offee)
• HProps Design & Cosplay (as Sith Lord Darth Vader, or Old GrumpyTM)
• Alfheim Cosplay (as Black Sun Bodyguard Sinya)

7. Contest schedule

The contest registration period will span both weekend days, with the winners being announced on Sunday, during the Awards Ceremony.

Saturday Sign-ups
13:30 – 15:00, 17:00-18:00

Sign-ups 10:30 – 12:00
Awards Ceremony 15:00-15:20

8. Extra info
- Feel free to speak to any of the 501st or Rebel Legion members at the booth, and if they can’t answer directly, they will be sure to direct you to someone that can
- Contestants are not obliged to wear their Saturday sign-up costumes for the Sunday Awards Ceremony, but the effort is appreciated, as we will be having group photos with everyone, both during and at the end of the Awards Ceremony. A different, yet still Star Wars costume, is also appreciated.
- Please do not try to convince Jury members to register you on the spot, if you meet them throughout the convention. You may ask, and exceptions may be made for emergencies, but please understand if it cannot be done.