To all K-Pop Cover groups - Aniventure Comic Con 2024’s stage is awaiting you! We invite you to partake in our show program and bring joy to our audience for yet another year. Why not even inspire some of them to become part of the growing K-Pop community.


Here’s what you need to comply with or do, if you wish to present your K-Pop performance on the stage of Aniventure Comic Con 2024: 


1. The maximum length of your song/mix must not exceed 4 minutes.

2. The music for your performance should mostly be K-Pop. Other musical genres are allowed as well but the main song should be K-Pop or a mix of such. As guidelines, use this distribution: 70% K-Pop and 30% other genres.

3. Each group must have a minimum of 2 members ( no solo performances allowed ) and there is no maximum limit. However, we advise that a group does not have more than 15 members. One person can participate in no more than 2 groups. This means we will not accept applications where a participant is a member of two other groups already. One group can register only once with its original members. 


Please note that the final performance order will be prepared with the intention to provide an interesting experience to the audience and double participation will not be taken into account. If you apply with 2 different performances, it is possible that they end up being one after another or with a very short break in between.


4. Duplicating songs will not be allowed. If there are two groups that have chosen the same song - only one of the two will be selected to perform. An exception may be made if the duplicate song is in a mix and the snippet is shorter than 30 seconds.

5. It is recommended that all groups prepare special outfits for their performance.

6. The multimedia for your stage performance should be:
- MP3 format with minimum parameters 44 kHz/192 kbps and .jpg image;


 - MP4 file with resolution 1920x1080 (the audio quality requirement remains the same)

N.B.! It will be requested only from the approved groups and must be submitted by them by 24.06.2024. Additionally, the same deadline applies for submitting stage lights requests and other technical specifics our team should know of (once again only requested from the approved groups). No files will be replaced after 24.06.2024.

7. In order to register a group, its representative should fill in the registration form until 14.06.2024:


Within it, the following information will be required:

- Contact email (please use the same email address to fill in the form)
- Name of the group

- Name of the representative, link to their Facebook profile and their phone number

- Two names of all group members (including the representative)

- Artist(s) and name of the song (or songs, if you are using a mix) which you’ll be performing

- Video recording of the dance* – should be sent as a PRIVATE link in Youtube (links to online storage services will not be accepted)

REGISTRATION FORM: https://forms.gle/PXGaw2hYiuMzV4en6


*It is preferable to submit your participation form before the deadline. After that it is possible to additionally send the video recording of the dance. All members of the group should be present in the video of the dance. The recording should not be edited – a performance without interruptions, with the exception of adding clean music on top. The dance must be recorded without mirrors in front of the group so we can see how you perform without seeing yourselves. The video must be of good enough quality for the dancers’ facial expressions to be visible. The shooting location does not matter, as long as all participants are visible and the music is loud enough to hear. There are also no special requirements on how you should be dressed when doing the video recording ( if you have special performance costumes, you do not need to wear them for the video ). The camera should be placed centrally in front of the group when recording. Please note we also expect the video to emanate feelings. K-Pop is a great form of entertainment and your facial expressions, as well as the feeling your dancing gives out, are important factors when selecting which groups will perform on stage.

8. The groups will be informed up to 5 days after 14.06.2024 if they have been accepted to participate in the event. The only actual restriction for the number of accepted groups is the allotted time for the K-pop show in the program of Aniventure Comic Con. If the total time of all groups that have registered exceeds the allotted time of the show – only the best groups will be selected to participate.


9. The K-pop show will be held on the second day of the festival – Sunday. All members of the groups will receive a free two day pass. 


10. NAKAMA has the right to change these rules without prior announcement. They are published on the site of the event and each participant is obligated to read them. Registering for participation in the K-pop show of Aniventure Comic Con 2024 is a written consent with the rules.


11. By registering for participation in the K-pop show of Aniventure Comic Con 2024, each participant agrees with being recorded and photographed. Those materials can be used by NAKAMA for advertisement purposes.


All approved groups from Sofia will have to ensure their availability for dry(general) rehearsal for the K-Pop show on 04.07 (Thursday) from 09:00 to 20:00. To ensure you have as much time as possible on stage (15-20 minutes), the rehearsal order will be prepared and announced ahead of time. Please note that there may be many working participants and not all groups will be able to go through rehearsal after 18:00. The groups from outside of Sofia will have the opportunity to rehearse on Thursday or Sunday morning. 


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .