Geek Con

We know everyone loves to travel, meet people from other countries and exchange experiences. That is why we have a great new collaboration that will take one winner to Zagreb in Croatia!

Geek Con is a new and uprising event in Zagreb. Just with one edition of the event it has captured the attention of the city so much that next year it will be held under the patronage of the municipality of Zagreb! The event has everything that a geek would want - cosplay, k-pop, board games, anime and manga and much more!

And in 2024 Aniventure Comic Con and Geek Con will be working together! But, here is the twist, the winner will not be going as a contestant in the cosplay show, but as a proud jury member and guest of honor, representing Bulgaria in February 2025!

Rules for participation:

- Participants must be with Bulgarian citizenship
- Participants must be at least 18 years old by the time of the event in Zagreb
- Participants must be able to travel to Zagreb in February 2025 ( the exact dates of the event will be set soon )
- Only hand made costumes are allowed
- Participants must provide several photos from the work process

And here is what the award includes:

- 500 euro cash award
- two way flight ticket to Zagreb
- stay at a 4 star hotel during the event
- covered all meals during the stay
- the winner will be a jury member in the cosplay competition during the event
- the winner will be able to hold a meet and greet and workshops if they wish

Registration for this is done by filling out the registration form for the Aniventure Comic Con 2024 cosplay show There is an additional question where applicants can specify whether they wish to compete for the prize.