This year again, Aniventure Comic Con 2019 will give the opportunity to a cosplayer to represent Bulgaria at the Eurocosplay event which is part of the biggest Comic-Con in Europe - MCM Comic-Con London. There, the best cosplayers from all over Europe will be gathered to represent their country.

The event will be held in London between the 25th to 27th of October and for the chance to compete for the grand prize, you need to sign up for the cosplay review in Aniventure Comic Con 2019.
Here is what the chosen participant from Aniventure Comic Con will win:

- Two-way tickets to the event in London
- Hotel room for the cosplayer and one assistant of his choosing
- Two passes, one for the cosplayer and one for his/her assistant
- Backstage access as well as pass for the parties of the event for the cosplayer and his assistant.

All participants that sign up for Eurocosplay, must have the availability to travel to London on the 25th of October.

It is of upmost importance that all participants signing in for Eurocosplay are above 18 years old. Participant who as of the time of 25.10.2018 are not 18 years old will not be able to compete for the grand prize. Participants must also have Bulgarian nationality.

Also it is a must that all participants send pictures with the progress of their work while making their costume. Eurocosplay demands the costume to be made by the cosplayer her/himself rather than bought online or from a store. Do not forget to send the pictures along with the form for registration. You can also send the documentation on your research, regarding the costume.

The cosplayer, who will represent Bulgaria, will be chosen by a selected special jury.

How to register:

You can send the following information along with the form for registration for the cosplay review:

1. Work in progress pictures. (Unlimited amount)
2. Additional images of the character you’re cosplaying. The pictures can show details of his armor, weapon, dress or other elements of his/her overall appearance.
3. Description of the research you did to be able to make your costume. (It is not mandatory, but it is a plus if you’ve done further research than usual to put it in a document of sorts. Small details and such are good example for the information that is needed here.)