It is time for one more surprise! Yes, we have just joined another amazing cosplay event and are very happy to announce that Aniventure Comic Con will now be part of ECG! Get ready, because we will be sending between 1 and 4 skilled cosplayars to one of the biggest events in Europe - Japan Expo!

Rules for participation:

- Participants must be with Bulgarian citizenship or residence permit
- Participants must be at least 18 years old by the time of the Aniventure Comic Con 2024
- Only hand made costumes are allowed. The costumes can only be from official sources
- Costumes, that have already won in other contests, or that have been selected to participate at an international selection are excluded from participation
- Each Participant must compete with the costume he announced during their registration
- Any part of the costume not made by the Participants will have to be declared and will be acceptable as long as they fall within the tolerated range. Failing to do so will result in penalties or disqualification. This includes 3D models, embroidery patterns, electronic kits,and other kinds of patterns.
- Participants aren’t allowed to alter their skin tone with the intention of portraying or matching a character from an ethnicity, existing or similar to an existing one, other than their own. This aspect of portrayal doesn’t have any incidence on the scoring regarding accuracy to the original source material.
- The Participants must be able to come to France for a period of one week in early July
- Every Participant must bring 2 to 3 costumes in France for the different days and events during the ECG Finals
- More details can be found in this file with rules
- Participants may enter as a solo, a duo, a trio, or a quartet. Participants wishing to participate as duo, trio or quartet must wear costumes from characters of the same source (for example, Kamui from X and Lina from Slayers cannot belong to the same group). It is allowed to mix sources of different opuses from the same license (example Soul Calibur 2 and 3)
- The qualifier takes place as part of Aniventure Comic Con's regular cosplay show. There is no separate show/competition just for the qualifier.

And here is what the award includes:

- Flight ticket to Paris and back
- Stay at hotel
- Welcome party and dinner party
- Passes to Japan Expo
- Participation in the ECG cosplay competition
- Covered most of the meals during the stay
- Local transportation on arrival and during the event

Registration for the "ECG" is done by filling out the registration form for the Aniventure Comic Con 2024 cosplay show There is an additional question where applicants can specify whether they wish to compete for the prize.

More about the convention can be found at: