Cosplay Champions

We're announcing another (well-known) international cosplay qualifier at Aniventure Comic Con - Cosplay Champions! One participant will have the opportunity to represent our country alongside other competitors from different countries, as well as fight for the prize fund of BGN 3,000!

Cosplay Champions is a unique competition in that it is not organized by one event in one country, but by all participating events from different countries! Each year the final is held in a different country hosted by one of the member events. So, after already having been held several time in countries like Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary and others - the final of Cosplay Champions 2025 will take place in Bulgaria during Aniventure Comic Con 2025! Yes, that's right, the international competition is coming to here and we will be the host!

Conditions for participation:

- Participants must have a Bulgarian citizenship.

- Participants must be 18 years of age by the date of Cosplay Champions 2025.
Participants must appear at Cosplay Champions in the same costume that won at Aniventure Comic Con 2024 (with improvements and details allowed).
- Participants must be able to participate in Cosplay Champions 2025 on July 5th, 2025. The final will be held on Saturday at Aniventure Comic Con 2025.
- The costume must be handmade by the participant, with the exception of lenses, shoes, wigs and small details (buttons, some jewelry and the like). Purchased costumes are not permitted.
- If items such as wigs and shoes are reworked after purchase, they must be reworked by the participant himself.



The winner of the qualification will compete internationally on the Aniventure Comic Con 2025 stage for the title of the competition. The competition has its own prize fund of BGN 3000 (in other words - this prize fund is separate from all other prizes that are in the regular cosplay show of Aniventure Comic Con)


Registration for the "Cosplay Champions" is done by filling out the registration form for the Aniventure Comic Con 2024 cosplay show There is an additional question where applicants can specify whether they wish to compete for the prize.

We are waiting for your registrations!